Offered by the Lincoln School, this training network provides access to many business courses and online training free of charge. These self-study courses can generally be completed in 30 minutes or less, but do not offer certification upon completion.

  1. Business Technology Simplified: Basic technology tools that can be utilized in business to create efficiency in various organizations. The simplified course focuses on technology and its role in business today.
  2. Take Your Business Global- An Introduction to Exporting: This course guides small businesses through the process of exporting and determining whether this is a viable business strategy or need.
  3. Introduction to Crowdfunding for Entrepreneurs: A course that provides an overview of crowd funding and other financing solutions for business owners and startup companies.
  4. Introduction to Franchising: This course focuses on franchising a business, including a general overview and determining whether a franchise is a good move and which structure is best.
  5. Marketing 101: A Guide to Winning Customers: This is a course that offers basic insight on marketing to help business owners with their own marketing. Real-world examples and tips are used.

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