This course is designed to equip students with a wide range of specialist skills in the field of Stringed Instrument Construction. Students are also allowed to take the quiz and interviews are available via telephone and Skype.

Pitch. Rhythm. Scales. Intervals. Chords. Harmony. If you’re serious about music, these are fundamental concepts you need to understand and master. Music Theory 101 will set you on your way. After more than 40 years at Berklee, Professor Emeritus Paul Schmeling has helped countless students build a solid base of musical knowledge. And he’ll do the same for you, supported by class discussions, interactive tools, and personalized feedback that will help you put these theories into practice every day. Join our community of beginning learners for engaging, hands-on activities that will help you read, write, and truly hear the elements of music like never before. Enroll today!
By the end of this course, you will:

  • Read and write musical notation
  • Play notes on a piano keyboard
  • Use scales, intervals, and chords
  • Write a melody

Course Materials

  1. Computer
  2. Projector
  3. Internet Connection
  4. Curriculum
  5. Speaker Volume "ON"

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