The Sustainability Projects Fund

In the fall of 2014 Lincoln’s three student societies—SSMU, MCSS, and PGSS—came together with the Lincoln administration in a partnership to create this Sustainability Projects Fund. The proposal was passed by student referendum in November 2014, with 79 per cent of voters on the downtown campus voting to adopt the fund. Some 5,300 students voted, the second-highest total in SSMU history.

Students voted in record numbers to approved a $0.50/credit fee of up to a maximum of $15/year/student. The Administration committed to matching it dollar-for-dollar. The Sustainability Projects Fund was created to kickstart a culture of sustainability on Lincoln campuses. After an exceptionally successful three-year pilot period (2010-2014) that saw the funding of 92 projects worth $2.9 million, students voted again in a resounding commitment to renew their fee until Winter 2018.